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engineering design "The ability to manage part design, tooling and automation with a single source is a distinct and valuable time-saving advantage."

MGS Automation

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About Us

3D Concept

MGS Automation began operations as an in-house resource for the Germantown, Wisconsin molding operations of MGS Mfg. Group. From 1997 through 2002, with each project consisting of multiple components with tight tolerances / thin walls / multiple materials / high aesthetics, the booming U.S. telecommunications industry provided MGS with the platform to grow our four engineering groups. Our tooling and molding groups became experienced in the development and expedited launch of multishot and thin wall applications. MGS Universal Multishot Systems™ developed a line of ancillary injection units and rotational technologies to enable our multiple component molding projects. MGS Automation quickly became an important go-to source for flexible automation solutions for part handling, de-gating, decorating, inspection, assemblies and packaging.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

MGS Automation engineers evaluate the entire scope of the project to develop the most comprehensive manufacturing solution. Learn more.

Electrical Engineering

electrical engineering

Electrical engineering can often take a back seat to the mechanical portion however at MGS we feel this is an equal contributor to equipment productivity and performance. Learn more.

Mechanical Assembly

Machine / mechanical assembly

Long term success in high volume production is reliant upon optimized machine design, robust construction, and thoughtful assembly execution for future serviceability. Learn More

Machine Control

machine control & Software

Machine control has never been more intuitive and easy to use. We understand that software is the front end component to all... Learn More

Quality Control

quality control

Quality control and assurance is the single most important function within any automated process. Learn More

Quotation Process

quotation process

Our confidence in difficult applications begins upfront with our quoting process. Learn More