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High Level Engineering "MGS Automation performed at a high level throughout our project – from the manual feed bench top unit for prototyping to our integrated high volume system."

MGS Automation

Member: MGS Mfg. Group

Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

MGS Automation Systems provide consistent manufacturing efficiency, integration flexibility and cost-effective operation and maintenance. Working closely with our customers to determine best return on investment based on project scope and production life cycle, we offer products for all budgets and volumes.

Benchtop Solutions


A flexible and relatively low profile automation solution for parts and assemblies of nominal size and / or lower volume runs... Learn more.

Press Side Solutions

Press Side

Our knowledge and experience with injection molding and robot integration is a tremendous advantage for our customers... Learn more.

Continuous Motion

Continuous Motion

Typically reserved for high volume applications with components often using snap or interference features conducive to high speed feeding and assembly operations... Learn more.


Rotary Index

The most common assembly platform for mid to high volume production. Rotary indexing dials are cost effective flexible solutions for products of a nominal size and minimal assembly operations... Learn more.



Perfect for applications requiring Scalable solutions,a large number of operations, Irregular shaped, large or bulky products, and un-balanced process cycle times... Learn more.

End of Arm

End of Arm Tooling

From prototyping to full production, MGS Automation designs and delivers precise and repeatable robotic part handling solutions for all cavitation and applications... Learn more.

Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and Fixtures

Decorating fixtures, reorientation fixtures, inspection fixtures… Engineered steel and plastic for various applications – prototyping, low volume production, semi-automated / manual value-added operations... Learn more.