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Request For Quote

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Request For Quote

Benchtop Solutions

If you would like to send a Request for Quote, please send an email to and include the following information:

  1. Prints – Assembly and part prints for all components involved
  2. Geometry – 3D geometry of all components (.stp format)
  3. Sample parts/components including finished packaging materials
  4. Estimated annual volumes
  5. Life of program
  6. Description of process, sequence and project requirements
  7. Desired machine cycle rate in PPM (parts per minute)
  8. Manning expectations/requirements
  9. Format for receipt of all incoming components with the exception of the component being molded within the cell. (Examples: bulk, tray packed, stacked, roll form). Format should include quantities, sizes, etc.
  10. Incoming component delivery expectations – automated or manual placement
  11. Automated quality inspection requirements – leak test, vision inspect, measurement, etc.
  12. Packaging requirements for finished part/assembly – bulk, tray, stack, etc.
  13. General info:
    • Customer Contact Information
    • Project Name/Assembly Name
    • Part Name(s)
    • Part Number(s)

New customers are encouraged to include a Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement.